Catch/Diary Survey

NIWA is carrying out a catch/diary survey which is looking at recreational fishing in the Fiordland Marine Area. The survey got underway in October 2006 and is in three parts: log books; a boat ramp survey; and aerial flights.

Progress to date:

There has been a positive response overall to the logbook survey. Around 30 charter boats are taking part, recording such information as measurements of the more common species caught; when they are fishing; how many people are fishing; and what they are targeting.

The boat ramp survey involves interviewing individual fishers at boat ramps in Milford and Doubtful Sound. The first summer of the survey is complete. Sampling will start again in October 2007, and the data will be analysed after the second summer (2007/08).

The aerial flights, undertaken by helicopter, looked at how many boats were around and what type they were. The flights were undertaken over four time periods including Christmas 2006 and Easter 2007, and this part of the work is now completed. The results will be posted here when they become available.