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Don’t let Marine Pests harm Fiordland

Exciting new initiative: Fiordland Marine Pathways Plan

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For more information on the Plan, please contact Laurel Teirney

Preventing the introduction and spread of harmful marine pests is vital to the health of Fiordland’s unique marine environment, and your ongoing use and enjoyment of the area.

With most visitors to the area arriving by boat, Fiordland is vulnerable to the introduction, establishment and subsequent impacts of marine pest introductions.

Vessels travelling into the Fiordland marine area from other regions of New Zealand or internationally, have the potential to accidentally introduce harmful marine species from fouling on hulls and equipment, or in ballast water discharge.

All users of Fiordland’s waters have a role to play in protecting the marine area by following some simple biosecurity precautions. If you own a vessel and are about to sail into the fiords or relocate marine equipment such as buoys, ropes or fishing gear, please:

• check your vessel’s hull before entering Fiordland and if it is fouled, clean it
• dispose of any debris removed from the hull on land (ie, prevent it getting back into the water)
• check, clean and thoroughly dry any mooring lines and buoys, kayaks and any other marine equipment before using them in Fiordland waters. If lines or buoys cannot be dried, disinfect them before coming into Fiordland waters from areas known to be affected with marine pests (such as Bluff and Stewart Island/Rakiura). Soaking equipment in bleach overnight should be sufficient
• remove all marine debris such as seaweeds from dive gear and rinse and soak gear in fresh water. Preferably rinse with a wetsuit cleaning product, and allow to air dry for a few days where possible.

As well as helping keep the fiords free of pests, regular cleaning of your hull will enable your vessel to obtain maximum speed and reduce running costs.

The Fiordland Marine Guardians are working in partnership with government and other agencies on marine biosecurity protection.


Diving in Fiordland - If you are visiting the area, particularly for diving, you can also help by reporting anything unusual you might see in the area’s waters.

Some particular marine pests to look out for are ones that are already established in New Zealand. They are illustrated below:

Undaria pinnatifida(Undaria) – this marine pest has now been detected in Sunday Cove, Breaksea Sound, Fiordland. An intensive effort is being made to get rid of Undaria and stop it spreading to the rest of Fiordland. You can help by not harvesting seafood from the area, such as kina, mussels or paua, as this may inadvertently lead to the spread of Undaria outside Sunday Cove.   




Find out how you can can protect Fiordland from marine pests.

Remember: if you spot any of these known marine pests in Fiordland’s waters, or something else you consider unusual, please:

  • note its location,
  • grab a sample if possible
  • as soon as possible call MPI's exotic pests and diseases hotline: 0800 80 99 66