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Controlled Area Declared for Breaksea Sound 

21 December 2017

A Controlled Area notice has been issued for an area of Breaksea Sound in Fiordland to prevent further spread of the Asian seaweed Undaria pinnatifida (Undaria). Environment Southland biosecurity manager Richard Bowman said the notice issued for Breaksea Sound will not prevent access to the area, but will put restrictions in place for mooring, equipment and anchoring.

As Guardians we felt it was imperative to push for a Controlled Area at the site of the Undaria infestation in Breaksea Sound.

We welcome this decision from Environment Southland. Having a Controlled Area will significantly reduce the risk of people transporting Undaria to other areas in Fiordland on their boats and gear and provide valuable time to consider how else we can act to manage this incursion. With the exception of Undaria in Breaksea Sound, Fiordland is one of the last coastal marine areas of New Zealand that remains free of invasive species. We argue that this status is worth fighting for.

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If you see Undaria or any other marine pest in Fiordland, report this to the MPI Biosecurity hotline 0800 80 99 66.

Invasive undaria - photo credit: Kath Blakemore

Undaria is just one of the marine pest species that agency staff are on the lookout for in Fiordland. 


Te Panui Kaitiaki o Ata Whenua, the newsletter of the Fiordland Marine Guardians

We are excited to present our latest issue of Te Panui Kaitiaki o Ata Whenua. We plan to keep you updated on some of the issues we are grappling with in the region and welcome your thoughts and feedback.

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Fiordland Marine Guardians Annual Report 2016-2017

Our annual report is now available for download click here.


Beneath the Reflections – updated user’s guide

The Fiordland Marine Guardians and partner agencies have published an updated user guide to the Fiordland Marine Area. We strongly encourage people using the 2008 edition to update their copy and ensure they are familiar with current regulations within the FMA. Beneath the Reflections is the go-to guide for visitors to the Fiordland (Te Moana o Atawhenua) Marine Area. An interesting and informative read, it will help you to get the most from your visit to Fiordland. To find out more about the user guide and to order or download a copy click here.

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