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FMG 2016 Annual Report now available

The Fiordland Marine Guardians have recently published their 2016 Annual Report documenting where effort has been placed in the year to 1 July 2016 and what some of the challenges are likely to be looking forward. The report can be downloaded here.  Hard copies can be requested at


The Fiordland Marine Pathway Plan (FMPP) 

The FMPP aims to greatly reduce the risk of marine pests being carried in on local and visiting vessels. The Plan establishes clean vessel standards that vessels entering Fiordland must meet, and proposes a Fiordland Clean Vessel Pass to ensure vessel owners/operators understand and adhere to the standards.

Submissions on the Plan have now closed an are under review.

View the proposal for a Fiordland Marine Pathway.



Invasive undaria - photo credit: Kath Blakemore

Undaria Eradication in Sunday Cove

Efforts continue to eradicate the invasive weed Undaria from Sunday Cove. While there is mounting confidence that the attempt to eradicate the marine pest Undaria from Fiordland will be successful, small numbers of juvenile plants were picked up during trips in October (8), November (2) and December (6). The previous time plants had been detected at the site was in October 2015; a similar pattern was observed that year with warmer temperatures in spring and early summer and increased light encouraging the rapid growth of dormant Undaria spores.  The response will continue for three years following the first full year of Undaria-free surveys.


The highly invasive Japanese seaweed was found in Sunday Cove, Breaksea Sound, in April 2010. Undaria surveillance is undertaken each month by a small team of divers from Environment Southland, Department of Conservation and Ministry for Primary Industries.


Undaria is just one of the marine pest species that agency staff are on the lookout for in Fiordland.  Read more.