Latest findings shared at Fiordland Marine Research Symposium

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Marine researchers from around the country travelled to Te Anau in March to take part in the Fiordland Marine Research Symposium. The public event saw the audience treated to the latest findings on a wide range of topics including:  

  • the daily lives of penguins, dolphins and whales;  
  • how marine heatwaves develop and the consequences for marine life;  
  • how the Manapouri freshwater outflow is monitored; 
  • how technology is being used to detect marine pests;  
  • how the fiords are helping to combat climate change by locking away carbon dioxide;  
  • what happened in the marine environment during the COVID response; and, 
  • how measuring underwater noise is giving insight to the natural world and human activities 

The event was held as part of Sea Week, and organised by the Guardians and Department of Conservation. A huge thank you to all who helped make the day a success including all those who joined us on the day. Shelley Hersey generously recorded the presentations, and these can now be viewed here Marine Research