Fiordland user surveys

In 2007 a survey was carried out to find out what people are doing in Fiordland, and how they perceive or value the area. This survey was repeated in 2010.


The survey asked about issues including:

  • How often, and for what reasons, do people go to the FMA?
  • What activities do people do in the FMA?
  • What do people value the most about the FMA and why?
  • What do people know about how the FMA is managed?
  • What do people think are the main threats to the FMA?

The 2010 study presents data from the second iteration of the survey and discusses trends in use patterns and user perceptions between 2007 and 2010.

The primary purpose of the 2010 iteration was to inform a Guardians-initiated review of the rules of the FMA.