Marine Research

Find out about marine research and ecological monitoring of the Fiordland Marine Area.

Fiordland Marine Research Symposium presentations/videos.


  • The Tawaki Project

     Thomas Mattern and Ursula Allenberg talk about the Tawaki Project and the secret lives of Fiordland penguins.

  • Bottlenose Dolphin Distribution in Fiordland

    Leah Crowe is studying Fiordland Bottlenose dolphins using aerial drone systems and underwater acoustic monitoring devices.

  • Where do Fiordland's humpback whales come from

    Emma Carroll talks about how skin biopsy samples and photo ID can be used to gather information on where Fiordland's humpback whales are coming from.

  • Distribution and habitat use of humpback whales in the Fiordland Marine Area

    Leah Crowe presents Chloe Corne's work on what humpback whales do in Fiordland and where they come from. 

  • The Sound of Protection in Fiordland

    Jenni Stanley talks about her use of acoustics to better understand the levels of anthropogenic noise on the underwater soundscape and how biological recordings can help to understand what is present in the environment.

  • The Anthropause

    Olivia Johnston talks about the effects on marine ecology of the Covid-19 'Anthropause' in New Zealand marine tourism hotspots.

  • Southern Fiordland Initiative

    Kathryn Mitchell from Fiordland Charters talks about the Southern Fiordland Initiative which is a national collaboration between local guardians, scientists and Fiordland Charters.

  • Marine Heatwaves in Fiordland

    Rob Smith presents his research on the characteristics and controls of record-breaking marine heatwaves in the Fiordland Marine Area.

  • Heat Stress in Rock Lobsters

    Gaya Gnanalingam talks about how Zealand rock lobster react to marine heatwaves and how these effects are assessed.

  • Carbon Burial in the Fiords

    Jack Beagley presents his research on how deep-water properties and processes in fiords affect carbon burial.

  • Sizing up Fiordland's Carbon Sink

    Gary Wilson talks about why Fiordland punches above its weight when it comes to carbon sequestration, how researchers are measuring exactly how much carbon is buried, and what may be at risk as climate and ocean conditions change.

  • Warmer and wiser in Fiordland

    Chris Cornelisen talks about long-term monitoring and data sharing in the Fiordland Marine Area.

  • Protecting the Sea

    Stacey Te Pohue Rose and Michelle Scriver talk about how molecular tools are advancing marine biosecurity and the blue cradle cruise that took place in Fiordland in October 2022.


Ecological monitoring

Ecological monitoring of the Fiordland Marine Area. These surveys included monitoring reef fish and rock lobster abundance, kina/kelp dynamics, paua, and other key indicator species. Physical information was also collected at each site.

Ecological monitoring of the Fiordland Marine Area has been carried out in 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2015/16. Download the most recent reports here which includes how that information compares with earlier results. 


Ecological Monitoring 2010

Ecological Monitoring 2016